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Monday, June 16, 2014

Seek for understanding… Not from man but from God...

I usually don't go on spiritual rants because I am the least of spiritual people to speak but feel I should get some things off my mind. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have grown up in this church and have experienced some of the most perfect joy anyone could imagine. Growing up I my eyes have been opened to so many different situations that may have caused me to not believe in the things that I have been taught. So many of my friends have left the church for one reason or another and that is their decision. Do I feel sad? Of course, because I know exactly what the teachings of the church can do for someone. I may sound like a hypocrite because I may not live faithfully in the church but knowing the things that are available to me is something that gives me hope to become that better individual. Plus, isn't that what church is for, to overcome the natural man and become steadfast in the gospel?
It's been a long while since I've blogged and wrote something random like I always do. For some reason today I feel like it's a good day to right something of a matter that is pretty heavy amongst my belief.
A little background for all my friends that do not belong to my faith. In our church we believe in the original set up of Christs church when he was on earth. A church that is set up of prophets and apostles to lead and guide the work of The Lord. We believe that Christ speaks to these men as He did in the Old and New Testament. We believe that Christ is the head of this church and Guides in a manner that is according to his design. We believe that the priesthood power was taken from the Earth because of the wickedness of the land shortly after the apostles were all taken to the next life. When a young boy named Joseph Smith knelt in prayer asking which church he should join our Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ saw fit to show themselves to this boy and give him council  to not join any of the churches because they "Draw near to me with their lips but their hearts are far from me" from there on Christ instructed Joseph as to how to restore the church that was once set up in the bible. The Lord spake and said "Beware of false prophets.." and also counseled that we will know a prophet by the Fruits of their labors. The fruit to which we are privileged to have on earth that is produced by the prophet Joseph Smith is the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is not added scripture but another testament of Jesus Christ. It is to stand with the Bible proclaiming the Son of God and giving the fullness of His Gospel.
I belong to a very independent church. Everything I have learned from this church has been about how to think for myself, how to seek for help. How to differentiate what is right and what is wrong. How feelings are associated with the Spirit of God. How the Spirit testifies of the truthfulness of the things that I bring to the Lord. I have never been told to follow blindly. I have always been advised to seek through the Lord. Because of those teachings I have gained a special and intimate relationship with God. I have come to know him on such a personal level and have come to a better understanding of my purpose and my duty here on earth.
All members that join the church WILL HAVE EXPERIENCED THESE SAME THINGS! Whether they continue to believe is a different story. Agency is such a powerful thing. Agency is one of the things that is told to us time and time again that we have the choice and we have the right to choose what we may. Unfortunately, not all will choose to stay in the church. I have heard many reasons to why people have left the church and it's saddening, nonetheless, it is their choice. Some have left because of the history of the church. Some have left because of the church's stances on certain subjects. Some leave because they just don't feel comfortable because of the lifestyle that they live. For those that are not apart of my faith, I wouldn't say that we are strict, I would say that The Lord asks that we be our best selves and that is what the church will always live up too.
We are reminded that the Lords ways res not our ways, nor his thoughts our thoughts. God will always lead this church no matter the faulty ways of man. Believing that this is Christs church here on earth will not be an easy one. We are to remain faithful as so many did in the bible as well as the Book of Mormon. God has never asked us to live the history of the church nor has he asked us live a judgmental life. We are to only live the doctrine of the church, and learn from history and be better because of it. Christs doctrine is clear and it is pure. People make mistakes. We see it throughout all of the scriptures even with the prophets then. This is not justify the problems but to show how faithful the saints were during those trials. I hope for all those that have left because of the folly ways of men will find forgiveness in their heart and understanding from the Lord that this is not of His will and that you will prosper throughout life whether you join again or not!

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