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Monday, June 16, 2014

Seek for understanding… Not from man but from God...

I usually don't go on spiritual rants because I am the least of spiritual people to speak but feel I should get some things off my mind. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have grown up in this church and have experienced some of the most perfect joy anyone could imagine. Growing up I my eyes have been opened to so many different situations that may have caused me to not believe in the things that I have been taught. So many of my friends have left the church for one reason or another and that is their decision. Do I feel sad? Of course, because I know exactly what the teachings of the church can do for someone. I may sound like a hypocrite because I may not live faithfully in the church but knowing the things that are available to me is something that gives me hope to become that better individual. Plus, isn't that what church is for, to overcome the natural man and become steadfast in the gospel?
It's been a long while since I've blogged and wrote something random like I always do. For some reason today I feel like it's a good day to right something of a matter that is pretty heavy amongst my belief.
A little background for all my friends that do not belong to my faith. In our church we believe in the original set up of Christs church when he was on earth. A church that is set up of prophets and apostles to lead and guide the work of The Lord. We believe that Christ speaks to these men as He did in the Old and New Testament. We believe that Christ is the head of this church and Guides in a manner that is according to his design. We believe that the priesthood power was taken from the Earth because of the wickedness of the land shortly after the apostles were all taken to the next life. When a young boy named Joseph Smith knelt in prayer asking which church he should join our Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ saw fit to show themselves to this boy and give him council  to not join any of the churches because they "Draw near to me with their lips but their hearts are far from me" from there on Christ instructed Joseph as to how to restore the church that was once set up in the bible. The Lord spake and said "Beware of false prophets.." and also counseled that we will know a prophet by the Fruits of their labors. The fruit to which we are privileged to have on earth that is produced by the prophet Joseph Smith is the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is not added scripture but another testament of Jesus Christ. It is to stand with the Bible proclaiming the Son of God and giving the fullness of His Gospel.
I belong to a very independent church. Everything I have learned from this church has been about how to think for myself, how to seek for help. How to differentiate what is right and what is wrong. How feelings are associated with the Spirit of God. How the Spirit testifies of the truthfulness of the things that I bring to the Lord. I have never been told to follow blindly. I have always been advised to seek through the Lord. Because of those teachings I have gained a special and intimate relationship with God. I have come to know him on such a personal level and have come to a better understanding of my purpose and my duty here on earth.
All members that join the church WILL HAVE EXPERIENCED THESE SAME THINGS! Whether they continue to believe is a different story. Agency is such a powerful thing. Agency is one of the things that is told to us time and time again that we have the choice and we have the right to choose what we may. Unfortunately, not all will choose to stay in the church. I have heard many reasons to why people have left the church and it's saddening, nonetheless, it is their choice. Some have left because of the history of the church. Some have left because of the church's stances on certain subjects. Some leave because they just don't feel comfortable because of the lifestyle that they live. For those that are not apart of my faith, I wouldn't say that we are strict, I would say that The Lord asks that we be our best selves and that is what the church will always live up too.
We are reminded that the Lords ways res not our ways, nor his thoughts our thoughts. God will always lead this church no matter the faulty ways of man. Believing that this is Christs church here on earth will not be an easy one. We are to remain faithful as so many did in the bible as well as the Book of Mormon. God has never asked us to live the history of the church nor has he asked us live a judgmental life. We are to only live the doctrine of the church, and learn from history and be better because of it. Christs doctrine is clear and it is pure. People make mistakes. We see it throughout all of the scriptures even with the prophets then. This is not justify the problems but to show how faithful the saints were during those trials. I hope for all those that have left because of the folly ways of men will find forgiveness in their heart and understanding from the Lord that this is not of His will and that you will prosper throughout life whether you join again or not!

Thursday, August 2, 2012


The poly movement! Is there someone heading this movement? Is there a mission statement to this movement? And who began this movement? I do not know.  What's the big HYPE? I have yet to find out.

With so many polynesians pursuing a variety of careers I can't help but praise their ambition, their drive, and their passion for what their choice of work is. If anything, this is exactly what our ancestors have been wanting! To build to higher ground and become something more than what has been offered to prior generations! 

Growing up in a polynesian community I have seen the time and effort people put in to ensure that future generations are not held back from whats right in front of their faces. And for that, I am thankful.

so what is this movement? I have seen many successful polynesians in all areas of expertise and it's inspiring! But what about those that are working to get to the top? Do they not deserve the same praise for their hard work, their integrity, and their courage for going against the grain?

There are many polynesians that I know that have the skill and the talent that surpasses so many of those that are known and yet they are barely recognized for their achievements. I know that the point of business is to get what's liked the most and to sell that. but the Poly Movement is NOT a business. 

Now, to me, the thing that makes it rough for polynesians to be recognized even more for their work and to be part of the 'POLY MOVEMENT" flow is the business side of things. Promoters try to get the ones that will get them the most money (As any smart business person would do). But, with our community, we're breaking so many boundaries that we should not cater to just one side of things. I mean, that is if the Poly Movement is about supporting ALL. I am a musician. and for polynesians we cater so much to reggae! which is fine cuz reggae is a great form of music but I have been to shows where I have been cut off because I wasn't reggae. I have been to shows where GOOD rappers are taken off stage cuz they're not reggae (Why would you invite them then?). Now I know that people build a show around the general genre. but at the end of the night I hear from the entertainment groups say 'we don't do this for the money, we do it for our people.' If that's the case (which, in most cases, it's not) build a show around the 'abnormals.' IF you are "FOR" our people why wouldn't you do something as simple as that. It's easy, cuz they do it for the money. You don't do something that big and not expect to get money from it. Trust me, I've done the math!! haha (After writing all of that I should have wrote about BAD BUSINESS instead of the poly movement haha..)

Networking with other polynesians that have gone to great lengths to be noticed have also expressed these same feelings. I know there are talented poly's that want to be recognized in the poly movement, not to be glorified, but simply, to be looked up to as a role model for our own community. 

So what is it about the poly movement that is so intriguing that we have to hashtag it in a tweet or facebook status? Isn't it meant to show support so that others will feel inspired to do great, if not greater, things? And if so, then properly recognize it... stop JUST 'LIKING' posts and you never read it or watched it. It's a mockery.

For those that have felt this same way of not gaining the support of our own people, please don't give up on what you feel is your destiny, I sure ain't. Because in reality, NOT giving up is more moving than any movement out there. See you all at the top!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


I've always been a person that enjoys and would rather have a face to face conversation. For many reasons, one, you don't have to hide. Two, the communication is clearer and three, its builds character.

I have seen my own friendships become stronger because of being socially intimate with those around me. Its satisfying, its evolving, it's classic!!! Who can ever deny those feelings!! I looked forward to being with my friends and family to seek guidance, to give guidance, to laugh, to love and to live. Being sociable was most definitely my forte.

Being social, I have come across many things that seemed hopeful in maintaining friendships.But the one thing that allowed me all access to my friends and family 24/7 is social networks! Amazing thing to be used in keeping them posted on things going on in my life, but very detrimental if too much of my life was placed on a World Wide Web.

Control. Being introduced to these networks at first is very exciting! It, of course, adds a lot more to the conversation at the dinner table and maybe even spare a few laughs over a cup of hot cocoa (or coffee or tea whichever you prefer). But one thing I did see, is my desire to not go and hang out with those that I loved. I found myself staying home more to be on these networks and even separate myself from my family to spend more time uploading pictures or getting the most current status update and youtube video on my page! I was becoming involved in what everyone was saying and what everyone was thinking that it gave that I started to lose focus. I've lost control and was obsessed with the idea that I can be a homebody and socialize! Even using my phone for text messages has become more of a convenience for the sake of talking to someone.

Spending so much time on these devices didn't make it any easier when I began using a smartphone! Having a smartphone only quickened my access to being socially awkward!! I have relied and still do at times rely on this one device to be the life saver of confronting problems, asking for unsatisfying support, spiritual strength and just being virtually available!It's a PROBLEM! HAHA

Technology, is a great thing! but when we use it to replace the meaning of our personal relationships it's not such a great thing. When it becomes our means to expressing ourselves to our loved ones its not a good thing. When we can't manage our lives because we're wrapped up in our friends timeline or text message about their personal struggles it's not a good thing!

Is it so much to ask to put our devices away for a few short minutes to listen to our parents counsel, or to confront our problems head on and work through the miscommunication? can we, now, only depict our friends based on who texts us and who writes on our status's? Can we only find joy and laughter in a thought that is in our friends update? I believe that we can STILL have these opportunities on a face to face basis if we made time for it! How many times have we finished spending the night with the ones we care about and said "That was a fun night'? Have you ever said that to yourself after a night of being on the computer or your phone? I don't think so.

It's time to become familiar with my friends and family again... personally... sincerely... and not awkwardly!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

MUSIC and ME!!

As a young kid I've always looked up to different singers and did my best to pay close attention to the way I felt as the singer expressed themselves through a melody line or even a lyric and tried to connect an emotion with what was sung melodically or lyrically. It gave me drive to sing and write and even play and while the years went on singing became a sense of release, writing became a feeling of freedom, and playing the piano became a field for experiment.

I remember while growing up my three older brothers always singing everywhere, whether it be at schools, nursing homes, a family event, etc. they were always the ones that sang. Yes, me and my sister were thrown in once in awhile, but I could honestly say that I was never musically gifted at that particular time.at that age I never took voice lessons I never took piano lessons, all I knew was what I heard, and sometimes what I heard came out not sounding so good HAHA.. I was always told that I couldn't sing. I even remember times when I would get kicked out of my brothers room while they sang because I was tone deaf. But taking no for an answer was not acceptable to me and so I worked. I studied many different singers, HARD ONES at that. Christina Aguilera, Stevie Wonder, Brian Mcknight, Whitney Houston,  and many more. All of these different types of soul and R&B singers and nothing. I pushed hard to be something like they were (Vocally) but still came out as me.and to me that was unacceptable because I was not good enough.

As a teenager, I had two different types of voice coaches. My first being Mrs. Sparks. She was actually my choir teachers wife. But she taught classical and was very focused on breathing correctly. And I sang out opera tunes, traditional folk songs, after a few months of this I grew tired of singing something that I didn't want to sing. I then came across a man name Dean Kaelin who was taught by Seth Riggs (Credentials - Michael Jackson Stevie Wonder ETC) I was instantly excited with the hope of thinking that I would sound just like the people I idolized. if there was anything that I needed to have learned at that time of my life it would be to not set myself up for disappointment! AHAHA

I am not saying that the teachings of SLS (Speech Level Singing) were bad, because IN FACT, they are what saved my life, vocally. let me explain, going into my consultation lesson, I went in with my karaoke track of 'Superstar' Luther Vandross version and was ready to sing. Dean played the CD and told me to sing. so I began. I didn't even finish the first verse and he stops it and says, ok I'm gonna teach you some things that will make you soar through this song but first you gotta sing like MYCAL, not like Luther, like MYCAL. Devastating news at that time because to me, MYCAL, sucked. ahaha but at the same time it made sense to sing like me whether people like it or not. To just SING! and that's exactly what I did. I continued on with him for 4 years til I began lessons with the same organization just with a different teacher Linda Tomkinson who has continued great teachings, just as Dean, with finding my voice. Taking risks was my adventure with Linda and she would NOT allow me to sing under my capabilities!! Which I am very grateful for!

After taking time to become familiar with my voice and different things that I could do I moved to Los Angeles to further my music. Going to school, booking gigs, writing some songs, gave me the idea to start demanding money, and thats when I started to get lost in the whole business side of music and started to sing for all the wrong reasons. Which money, isnt the WRONG REASON, but it became my ONLY reason. And I lost sight of my passion for it and everything I was doing came off insignificant and insincere. I was putting myself in situations where I was mentally unhealthy. I took on too much and crashed. I felt bitter towards people because they didn't hold up their part of the deal and became LOST once again on what kind of musician I was.

This past December, I went back to Utah for a little bit, and it gave me just the break I needed! Being stubborn I held everything in. Then, finally, broke down to my dad. expressing every doubt and insecurity to him and cried endlessly because of the pressure I was under. And being the man that my dad was, he did something very important to me. He fathered me. If that makes sense. From our moment of conversing with each other he brought up another point that I forgot, and that was to be ME!! Reminded me that I did music because I loved it, that I had a passion for it. Not because it was my source of income. And that was just what I needed to separate music and business. Not saying that I can't make money from it, but making money from it honestly and not grudgingly.. Money will come, in time, but make the most of my music now to make the difference.

Many times as a professional (any type of profession) we lose our sense of direction and place ourselves to be better than we really are! I am thankful for being humbled countless times in this business and for the constant reminder that all I need to be the best at is portraying a better me. I have learned to be not be a afraid of failing because that is when I'll see my success. throughout all of my years as a musician some people see me as a GREAT musician, others see me as a SCUKY musician, and I see me as getting better at being a musician and as long as I'm moving forward to being better I'm happy with myself!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


SO... it's been awhile since I've last written something that may have seemed incredible to some, spiffy to many, and a waste of time for the majority but nonetheless here I am...

so ending my day by facebooking (which is ironic cuz I start my day that way too haha) I have found one of my friends Tati had started writing a blog. So while reading her first entry "BLAHG..." it for some reason, having nothing to do with food, made me hungry! I felt the need to let her know that she triggered my hunger as a response to her "BLAHG". In doing so, I realized that I was not signed in to my blog. So the page loaded to a signing in page and once signed in was then taken to my home page. Completely confused, I rambled thru my page trying to look for something that would take me back to Tati's page to comment. While getting frustrated, I was soon relieved of my stress when I found the "VIEW PROFILE" icon and clicked on it and then continued forward commenting on her page. I then realized that there was a "MY FOLLOWERS" section on my homepage as well, where, none other than my friend Tati's icon was sitting at the top waiting to be pressed after a long a search. So, even tho I commented on her page already I pressed her name from my homepage just so I had the satisfaction of knowing that I was lost but now am found and that there was a FASTER way to get there...

Fellow citizens of the "WWW" I tell you that there is always a FASTER way to get there. And what do I mean when I say "GET THERE?" Simple, it's pretty plain and straight forward and right in front of your face as was the "MY FOLLOWERS" section that I just happened to miss.

You see, we as human beings, tend to make things difficult for ourselves. When all the while the answers are right in front of our faces. And once we see the solution we shout, "WHY DIDN'T I SEE THAT THE FIRST TIME?" Famous line you'll hear yourself say over and over and over!

This blog is not meant to be some elaborate article that explains every which way to turn, why? because it's simple. WE NEED TO OPEN OUR EYES, BE AWARE OF THE THINGS THAT SURROUND US, AND PAY ATTENTION TO THE THINGS THAT WILL HELP US GROW! Yes, we will make the wrong turn, BUT, God loves us so much that he continues to give us a right choice to choose from no matter what situation we are in. we could be in the middle of what may seem like hell and yet God will still continue to give us the option to do right! and once we figure that out and choose that route we will be led to a higher state of life and realize that there was a "FASTER WAY" to "GET THERE."

So friends, GET THERE, FAST, cuz we ain't getting any younger, and neither is the world. Help others GET THERE, FAST... Help ME GET THERE, FAST, cuz I know I need it HAHAHAHAAA. Because let's face it, we don't want to be lost, we want to be found, why? because it's more comforting...

And now, after seeing the word fast so many times in this blog, I have found myself short of breath and need to rest now, after a nice cold cut sandwich.. HAHAHA..

Monday, May 16, 2011


So I've decided that everyday is holiday. There's always something new to see, feel, taste, smell, hear... New challenges, new accomplishments and new..... (you come up with the last one. hahaha) and if there aren't any of these in your holiday, MAYBE you should change your perspective.. hahaa..

anyways, some new things have come about and pretty excited. First, I have done my first solo show April 30, 2011. My family from UT was able to be in attendance, and it was just another witness to me of how much my family loves and supports me in all that I do. Post-concert I was asked to do a few other shows which one of them I have not yet responded. But will be doing one this Saturday.

I have been doing back up singing for quite some time now and have been able to sing for a few different artists. All in which I am glad I was able to be a part of. I've mentioned a few of the artists in blogs prior but one most recent is a young 13 yr old named Dinah Jane. She is a refreshing sound from a young generation. A sign that that art of music lives on and improves with each generation born. She's young yet still so humble about the talents which have been given to her and glad she's able to portray such humility in such a chaotic field. Good luck in all her endeavors!

For some personal news, I have a girlfriend now a days, and must say at first I didn't know how or what to feel about the situation (Due to the fact that I've been single for a few years hahahaa). It's not an unfamiliar situation for some but for me it's completely foreign. It's a long distant relationship with a girl from my home town, Dawn Taufui, (She'll prolly be skeptical about me putting her name like that HAHAHAA... Oh well I like that lashings haha) but it's been good so far. Definitely interesting because we're so far apart and still find interest in each other. Which I'm not mad, its just an interesting phenomena.

Our story is pretty interesting. We've known each other for over a year now and the dating scene between us has been approached on several occasions but I have ignored the idea of even having some to be serious with because I'm stubborn and dramatic. HAHA!! and so now that we are together it's almost like we've been together for a while because of the trials we've gone thru already prior to our relationship. But I'm excited to see her next month when I go to visit back home.

Well yall, it's time to get back to another part of my life and practice practice practice (One of these days my rehearsals will turn into paid rehearsals hahaa) Until then, enjoy your life and love everyone in it, and when you do I promise you you will see why everyday is a holiday.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

LIFE... or something like it...

My life in these past few weeks have been crazy!!!! CRAZY in a GOOD way. I have had plenty of rehearsals, gigs, work and school... I'm so tired I don't want to sleep!

These past couple of months I've just done back up vocals for different artists. Just an update...

April 1, 2011 I had went back to my hometown and performed at the groovin 801 performing with Angelline (Afo). Band members included, Sii Moimoi, Donnie Wolfgramm, Tony Uesi, and Gordon Moimoi. A show with seasoned musicians is bound to only have a good show! And a good show it was. From every drum beat to every pulled string on the guitar it was a good time. Hopefully, we'll be able to meet up once again and do what we love... MUSIC!

In the month of March I was able to sing for Artists like Marina Tiafau and Nicole (Nive) Noga. These two girls, as young as they are have exceptional voices. It was both of their first time performing as a soloist and did a fine job. Only to become better the more they keep pushing themselves.

One last artist, Erica Yandall. Erica is actually one of my really good friends from school (Musicians Institute) We started school together last Spring. A very humble, but driven girl. She was able to coordinate great harmonies for us back up vocals as well as well command the stage. She's AWESOME!

Being a singer you come across a lot of different opportunities. I've sung in churches, casinos, clubs, bars, I've sang for homeless, weddings, NFL players, BYU Players, etc but probably one of the highlights of performing these past few months would have to be opening for DJ quik/Suga Free... these two artists brought back a lot of memories from when I was younger. As they performed I felt like I was back in my oldest brothers ghetto blue beat up car bumpin and rappin. every word that came out of DJ Quik's mouth. It was a good time. I wasn't able to chill with them but was able to get a picture with Suga Free. There's just something different about performing on the same stage as people that you've listened to your whole life. and I enjoyed every minute. Thank you Erica Yandall for the experience.

I've also had the opportunity to meet other poly artists JBoog, Alo Key, Spawnbreezie, Teki (not really fair cuz I grew up with the dude but hey... yall can pretend that it was the first time meeting him HAHA), and others, each very unique in style but sing for the same reason.. The LOVE for music.

I have nothing but high hopes for the future and know that this is something that I want to keep pursuing. I love my life. And music just adds more love to it!!!! MMM MMM GOOD!!!